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    Каждый договор закрепляеться гарантиями, которые помогают людям чувствовать себя уверенно при заключенни сделок.

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    Каждый договор закрепляеться гарантиями, которые помогают людям чувствовать себя уверенно при заключенни сделок.

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    Каждый договор закрепляеться гарантиями, которые помогают людям чувствовать себя уверенно при заключенни сделок.

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Something about us

We are the group of the insurance brokers united into insurance holding and specialized in insurance maintenance and consulting companies and organization of all forms of the property and also in reinsurance different risks.

The next companies enter into structure:

  • Insurance broker "Auto-Piter"(Sankt-Petersburg);
  • Insurance broker " JUR-PITER" (Sankt-Petersburg);
  • Insurance broker " MED-PITER" (Sankt-Petersburg);
  • Insurance broker " STORY-PITER" (Sankt-Petersburg);
  • Insurance broker " 39 REGION" (Kaliningrad);
  • Insurance broker "77 REGION" (Moscow).

We are not insurance agent, who are providing and lobbing interests each insurance company and so our mail aim is to provide the best insurance services at the Russian market and give the optimal conditions.

Thus, our mission consists not only of selling insurance services but of professional tracking insurance agreement. Please, pay attention that specialists with many-years experience in insurance including the most complex and non-standard kinds of it work in our company.

Our company adheres to the highest standards services of our customers. The special features of clients or individual requirements are considered always. The structure of our company is allowed to take most effective decision of clients fast, and, that is important also, realize them immediately.

Understanding national specific of Russian business excellent we can offer the best of the world, adapting insurance service to the real conditions.

Our clients and strategic partners.

Enterprises and organizations of all forms of the properties, state unitary enterprise, public organizations and physical persons are in number of our clients and strategic clients.

We proud of the biggest companies, organizations and banks of Moscow, Saint- Petersburg, Kaliningrad and other regions of Russia, which cooperate with us : PHC " Saint-Petersburg Oil Company", PHC " United energy company", PHC "United marketable company", PHC" AGROHIM" (Moscow), GTK "RUSSIA - PULKOVSKIE AVIALINII", Murmansk aviation company, Financial-Industrial Group "UNION", Saint-Petersburg leasing company", PHC " AVK - Tsennie bymagi', Group of companies " BION" (Moscow), " Komputerny mir", "Asotsiatsiya megdynarodnyh perevozchikov" (ASMAP), group of companies " KASTOMS", "BALTIMPEKS", "BALTIKA-TRANS", "REFLEGISTIK", "MOSSA", "VENTA", LTD Bank BFG-KREDIT", LLC "ROSBANK", LLC " ENERGOMASHBANK", bank "AFROPROMKREDIT" and others.

Besides of it, more than 70 thousands private individuals are our clients.

Insurance companies - partners:

"AIG-RUSSIA" (Moscow), "INGOSSTRAH" (Moscow), "ROSNO" (Moscow), "MAKS" (Moscow), Insurance group "Spasskie Vorota" (Moscow), "Ugoriya"(Khanty -Mansiysk), "Megaruss-D" (Moscow), "Russia" (Moscow), "GUTA-Strahovanie" (Moscow), "NASTA"(Moscow), "ASK-Peterburg" (Saint-Petersburg), "ROSGOSSTRAH-SEVERO- ZAPAD" (SPb), "PROGRESS-Garant" (Moscow), "Voenno-strahovaya kompaniya" (Moscow), "Russkyi mir" (SPb), "SOGAZ" (Moscow), "URALSIB" (Moscow), "PROGRESS-NEVA" (SPB), "RENESSANS-Strahovanie" (Moscow), "RESO-GARANTIYA" (Moscow), "STANDART-RESERV" (Moscow), "Pervaya strahovaya kompaniya" (Moscow), "Surgutneftegaz" (Surgut).

We Offer:

  • Risk management of organizations and private individuals;
  • Development the most optimal insurance program;
  • the precontractual examination ( underwriting) and object of insurance professional
  • Estimation or definition insurance company's needed limits of responsibilities for the
  • Conclusion of the insurance treaty in Russian or West markets;
  • Insurance consulting;
  • Regulating the losses - 24 hour!!!
  • We guarantee:
  • Reliability and transparency accomplished transactions;
  • Optimal combination of prices and quality insurance protection;
  • Individual approach to every client;
  • Flexibility of tariff rates;
  • Information clients about all insurance market news.
  • We offer:
  • - The required insurance of the auto-civil responsibility;
    - Combined insurance of cargo and passenger ground-based transport;
    - Insurance of organization's property against fair and other dangerous;
    - The load insurance (including dangerous loads);
    - Ferryman responsibility insurance;
    - Agricultural animals insurance - insurance tariff;
    - Agricultural technology insurance - insurance tariff;
    - Agricultural products reserve insurance - insurance tariff;
    - Physical persons property insurance (out of the city houses, flats, personal property insurance);
    - Construction-assembly risks insurance;
    - Individual and collective accident insurance;
    - The harvest of the agricultural structures insurance;
    - Financial risks and nonfulfillment contractual obligations risks insurance;
    - The rolling stock insurance;
    - Insurance of citizens leaving to the foreign countries and traveling inside Russia and country of the CIS;
    - The means of the water transport insurance;
    - The means of the air transport insurance;
    - Organization responsibility connecting with operation dangerous production objects, what is the source of increased dangerous, insurance;
    - Voluntary medicine insurance;

Besides of proposed to your attention kinds of insurance we are ready to provide you insurance in any others directions according to your demand.

We express confidence in case you will take positive decision about cooperation with our company; it will receive proper development in view of accumulated experience and big enthusiasm of our colleagues. From our side, we are ready to apply maximum efforts for achievement of the objective.

With the respect and with the quite best wishes,

Director-General - member of the council of the directors

LLC "Insurance broker"PITER"           Igor Kokinaev.

190031, г.Saint-Petersburg, Moskovski prospekt, 7
Phone.: + 7 812 380-94-40
Fax: + 7 812 310-84-40
e-mail: [email protected]




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